We're 200 Today!

Just under a year ago our whole world changed, we could no longer meet our friends at our Knit and Natters as the UK was closing to this activity. What we had taken for granted now stopped and we had to stay in our own homes and not meet up with others.

And our online knit and natter was born...

On 20th March 2020 was our first ever live knit and natter.  Back then we were called Angela and Robert Web TV. That was what it was, Angela and Robert chatting and knitting in front of our PC's streaming out live to a few of our friends.

And we went live several times a week... sitting in our homes knitting and chatting and laughing and chuckling - this felt normal, we could keep in touch with out friends and others did too.

Our facebook page was created Gogglefrogs Craft And Natter and we started to put our creations in there to show and share what we were working on, just as we would do in a knit and natter group. 

And then we changed our name, yes we changed it to Gogglefrogs and there's a whole different story behind that one!

And we have gone live each week and tonight we have our 200th episode!

In those 200 episodes we have laughed, cried, shared stories, knit copious items and the most important bit is that we have a shared friendship that spans the world.

Yes tonight as we go live on our show at 8pm, we will have chuckles, fun, a little interlude and lots lots more.

All this happens because of our amazing Gogglefroggers who are amazing! You are an inspiration, keep us going, make us smile and make us very very happy.

Over the last 200 episodes we have had some amazing support and we couldn't have done this without our Co-Presenters. As well and Robert and myself (Angela), we have our lovely  Marian who is always with us to help out and will share the best ports around the world for Wool Shops and of course the lovely Clare who was with us for many of our first 100 episodes.

So again we go live tonight and as it's a Friday Night, we will of course have a glassette or two of our fave tipple too!

I'm sure mine will be a Gin & It!

So here's to the next 200!