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Gogglefrogs First Birthday

Yes its almost here! 

We have been making sure that so much is ready for you for our first birthday today Friday 19th March, it will be very very exciting!

Just a year ago, we went into Lockdown, yes on 20th March 2020, and this was the day that we set up our online Knit and natter.

I may even start a new project, but if I do, it'd best be an easy one to start this evening!

A year later and we still meet 3 times a week, we've made lots of wonderful new friends and we have knitted soooo many items from our every growing stash!

Strange to think that if we had not made that first WebTV show, where we would be now.

We have made some wonderful new friends along the way too, more people that we now know locally and all around the world!

We will have a few surprises, but the most important will be to celebrate together with our wonderful friends and enjoy everything woolly.


So as we get ready for Friday night, we've just a little time to decide...

  1. What to wear?  Black tie or PJs?
  2. What to drink? Water or Gin and Tonic?
  3. What project to being? Something old or something new?

Whatever happens, there will be chatter, laughter and Gogglefroggers having fun together.

A huge thank you for being just incredible! We've loved every minute of it!

See you tonight!



Angela, Marian & Robert

Here's the link to join us 

Don't forget out exhibition too! Yes our aim was always to be able to exhibit lots of the beautiful lockdown creations and the first weekend that we will do this is in August this year! Cant wait!

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