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Gogglefrogs Launches Bespoke Custom Dyeing for you!

You know when you can find the perfect colour, but not in the right yarn weight?

Or the perfect yarn weight but not in the right wool fibre? 

Yes we've found that too! So in true Gogglefrogs style, we decided to solve this exact problem for you and create a custom dyeing and creating solution.

Gogglefrogs are here to create your perfect wool for you, your project and your creativity.

Yes we will be able to work with us and create your very own bespoke hand dyed dream colour and yarn base..

I know the exact piece that I've always wanted to knit, the pattern is in my head, the colour scheme is also in my head - but until now, I've never been able to bring the elements together!

We are able to work with you and create something truly unique, just for you.

We will have your colourway designed in the yarn that you love.

Whether you love silk, alpaca or British Wensleydale, Yak, honestly the possibilities are endless... You can now create what you've always wanted to achieve.

As with anything such as this and working with bespoke dyeing, we don't use pan tones... it will be created and you'll appreciate note that no 2 skeins will ever be the same.

We work with the most amazing hand dyer and use wonderful dyes for you to create  the most incredible result.  We will work with you to create your very own wool and look forward to speaking with you soon!


Angela & Robert

Another Gogglefrogs idea - now becomes a reality !