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Gogglefrogs Retreat

Yes we know how you love a crafting retreat, a few days away with lovely friends both old and new.

Well you know just how much Robert and I love a challenge and well here we are, a crafting retreat just for you.

We've found a beautiful hotel that we have hired exclusively, there are 20 en suite rooms, we will have breakfast and dinner and we've already agreed some beautiful trips our for you.


Do you want to take a sneak peek at this?  

Here's the link and an outline of the retreat and how you can book and secure your place!

We have found a lovely large property that we will spend our time in and it is just minutes from the centre of Stamford.
We've already secured a couple of wonderful visits for you.  One of these is exclusive to our event (they don't normally have visitors) so this will be an absolute treat, its a part of our craft that we possibly don't think too much about but one that we feel will be absolutely fascinating.

We will have a lovely breakfast each morning together and then have a lovely 2 course dinner each evening. 

Of course, a retreat wouldn't be the same without a piece of afternoon cake - so we will be providing this each day too!

There will be workshops on the Wednesday and the Thursday and we will work these around the visits that we've already arranged.  

We cannot wait to meet you and host you during the stay.

We thought it would be nice if you brought your own drinks, there will be plenty of places to put these and it will help conserve some of our pennies... yes more pennies for spending whilst we're in Stamford.

We can't wait to see you next year!


Angela & Robert


Link to Book 


Covid19... We do hope that the retreat will take place next year, currently we are able to holiday within the UK, should the Government make a decision to stop any further travel / holiday we will of course offer you either a refund or we will move to the following year.