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Polwarth Sheep - A New Yarn Base for 2021

Here is that beautiful picture of that cute little sheep from this mornings Gogglefrogs WebTV show, yes episode 169!
Yes this is the cure little Polwarth sheep and at this very moment, I have my very first skein in this beautiful wool! I really can't believe that I have one and it feels beautiful.
It is the first time I have heard of Polwarth and certainly the first time I have been able to squish it :)
It passes with flying colours too, I'm so surprised that we don't use this breed more, however there aren't a huge number in the UK (at the moment) as they mainly reside in Australia and New Zealand.
When we launched our Gogglefrogs range of hand dyed wool, Tricia asked if we could bring our lovely Gogglefroggers some British Breed wool.
You know how we love a challenge!
Challenge accepted and we went away to find some for you. I have to say this challenge is still in the early stages, but it is sooo exciting and we have now have a whole array of beautiful and exciting British Breed wools that we will be able to bring to you next year.
I cannot believe how soft and bouncy this wool is and will be beautiful for garments. I will describe it as that beautiful  "old school" DK that was so thick, bouncy and light as a feather too that we all used years and years ago.
Over the years we have got used to such new, ingenious, ground breaking wools that are very often "manufactured" and are beautiful, this is going back to the craft of wool from a flock that you can recognise by their beautiful face and markings and as you knit with the wool, it softens your hands with its natural oils.
Many British Sheep aren't used for wool as they're not seen as soft enough. This one was bred in Australia in the late 1800's, the hank in my hand is 100% British!
The longer staple of up to 130mm makes it perfect for hand spinning and felting.
I'm so excited that we will be able to get a variety of these beautiful British breed wools and sample what so many of our ancestors used to make the most incredible designs and garments with.
Now I can't share what this first ever hank looks like as I'm meeting Mr Gogglefrogs later today so he can see it, feel it and make sure it passes the squish test, so I will share in the next few days.
Once I've finished my Gogglefrogs wrap in the new "Wild One" Merino yarn base, I can have a go with this one too
Enjoy this beautiful picture and happy Gogglefrogging 
Angela & Robert